Whether you are adopting a rescue dog or getting a new furry pet home, it is a major responsibility to provide that pet with proper care, a gentle sleep and good nutrition. The question of what your dog eats will take account of its age, size, race, and any issues with the health of your pet.

Dogs are our furry friends. We want them to be fit and healthy all of the time. We read the nutrition labels as well as ask others for advice on their dog’s diet, beginning from when they are puppies and ending up becoming adult dogs. These pet owners supply their dogs with the best dog foods.Well, they provide them the best balanced food, the best natural or homemade dog foods to typically avoid allergies. Our veterinarians also provide excellent sources of information on animal feed that can surely help us choose our dog food very well.

Pet Owners are searching for Best Dog Food!

All the dogs are inherently carnivorous, they prefer pet foods with minimal fillers and vegetables made from high quality food. This is found in dry or frozen dog food. Smaller dogs are usually pickier and prefer canned food. Medium to large dogs are less pick and are usually going to try something.

You could read all the top dog food reviews there and still can not answer this because the needs of each dog are somewhat different. A better question to ask is, “What’s the healthiest dog foods?” since this will direct you towards items made from high quality ingredients and designed to suit the specific nutritional requirements of your pet.

Consult Vets Before Buying Any Dog Food!

Likewise humans, our dogs also need nutrients to succeed in their development and growth. So, what better way than feeding them food that people who know what’s best for them? The vets.

In order to help you to make the best choice for your pet, we have created an in-depth guide of 07 best vet recommended dog foods.

1. Royal Canin

Full of Nutritious diet.


These dogs have a short period of growth, which means that they need more powerful food. This puppy food helps to develop a good phosphorous and calcium bone structure. In this formulation, the medium breed puppy has all the nutrients required at this young age.

Key Features

  • It contains LIP and probiotics that contributes to digestion.
  • The digestible protein protects the intestines and improves the quality of the stool.
  • This meets the medium breed dog’s high energy requirements.
  • The antioxidants help to improve the natural system of defense to combat bacterial infections and diseases.
  • It’s very tasty and the puppies love it.


  • Probiotics and LIP help in the digestion.
    The digestible protein maintains the gut and improves the quality of the stool.
  • It meets the medium-rate dogs ‘ high energy requirements.
  • The antioxidants help to improve the natural protection system for treating various diseases and conditions of health.
  • It’s very tasty, and the puppies like it.


  • It is not Grain and gluten free. 
  • The meat by-product is included.

2. Orijen Biologically Appropriate Original Recipe Dog Food

Perfectly Balanced Diet


Give your dog an organically balanced nutrient-diet with ORIJEN. This grain-free dog food is designed to provide food for dogs at every stage in life with new and raw entire animal components such as free-run chicken and turkey, herrings and flounder.




  • This dog food provides a rich diet and fresh whole animal ingredients.
  • It includes extracts of fish chicken and turkey.
  • It is purely composed of 85% quality animal ingredients.
  • This is the food recommended by the vet.
  • It also nourishes dogs according to their biological wants.
  • ORIJEN is the biologically appropriate, grain-free diet that dogs love to eat.


  • It is evident that it is typically best for a natural diet of dogs.
  • 85% meat and egg ingredients are added that provides more protein.
  • It is a grain-free food.
  • Particularly rich in protein and healthy fat.
  • The fresh fruits and vegetables are also added for a balanced diet.
  • It is perfect for all the dog breeds.


  • Some owners made a fuss that this food was not good for their dogs.
  • Some others confirmed that after several meals they ended really sick, vomiting, and had loose stools.

3.Grandma Lucy’s Dog Artisan Dog Food

Freeze-Dried & Grain-Free Food


Grandma Lucy formulated this comfort food for your dogs, since it will be ready in a few minutes. Preparation is easy: just add warm water, mix it together, and your dog will have fun.

Both hormone and antibiotics-free ingredients are added in this meat, with chicken as its main component. Although it is food for dogs, you still know that a treat made with ingredients is the finest. Well recognized components include blackberries, apples and potatoes etc.


  • This includes the highest quality Ingredients.
  • This food is totally grain free.
  • Also, it is freeze-dried.
  • There is no artificial flavoring used.
  • This is the quality food you can trust upon.
  • You just have to add water to the mix, and you’re ready to serve.


  • It is not genetically modified or tested.
  • There are no by-products present and it is free from artificial flavorings.
  • Also, it is free from preservatives or harsh chemicals.
  • This food is a comfort food.
  • It can be provided to any kind of dog’s breed.
  • It is ideal for all life stages


  • This is relatively more expensive.
  • Many dogs do not like potatoes.

4. Caru Dog Stew Grass-Fed Beef Bone Broth

Perfect for Reluctant Eaters.


This mixture is made of food graded human ingredients which make it free of any harmful chemicals. This is a product you and your dog will appreciate. Want a good diet for protein? Then you can choose this meal which contains 90 percent protein. Beef, which is both without hormones and antibiotics, is the primary ingredient.


  • This is an excellent food combo for reluctant eaters to take a bite.
  • This is an ideal food mix to encourage your dogs and pets with urinary issues to drink more liquid.
  • It also has a liquid, food topping.
  • This is best for your pet as no artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors are added.
  • Totally free of grains, gluten, and gmos.
  • Food grade ingredients: just like Caru stews,the bone broths are cooked in small amounts with 100 percent human grade, all-natural ingredients.


  • It is free from gluten.
  • There are no artificial preservatives and flavors added to the food mix.
  • There is no extracted wheat or corn added.
  • There is a proper packaging that protects what’s good for your dog.
  • Is is very easy to open, serve, close, travel with and store.
  • This is the best vet recommended dog food, which is homemade quality and flavorful.



  • The dog food was very expensive.
  • Some owners reported, that their dogs did not like the taste. 
  • They vomited after eating this.
  • Has to be prepared first before serving.
  • Some dogs don’t like stews.

5. Natural Balance Chicken Formula Dog Food Roll

Ultimate Dog Food Roll.


Are there any skin and hair issues for your dog? So maybe the solution to your problem is this dog food roll from Natural Balance. All veterinarians and nutritionists have developed it clinically to give your dog the necessary nutrients to enhance any skin or fur conditions.

While the main objective of this is to improve the skin of your pet, the taste is not at all bad. Your dog will probably enjoy the delicacies of this treat Even the very picky eaters will appreciate this taste, because it is also very delicious. However, it is filled with critical energy and nutrients.


  • It only contains 1 Dog Food Roll.
  • It is a complete and balanced food diet.
  • It is also a nutritious topper for dry dog foods.
  • It is an amazing treat for training or rewarding your pup.
  • No corn, soy, wheat, or colors are added.


  • As a pet owner, you’ll appreciate that it’s easy on the wallet.
  • It is available in large portions, not only is it economical, but it’s also a smart option as it’ll last longer.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It is also palatable.
  • It is very rich in energy sources.
  • A great plus is, that it improves the skin conditions.


  • It contains artificial preservatives.
  • It may not be as filling for a meal for your dog.

6. Nulo Freestyle Freeze-Dried Raw Duck Dog Food

Probiotic Frozen-dried food item


Looking for your dog’s daily meal or snack? If you don’t like to clean up after your dog when it’s done eating, this could be the food you’re searching for. Most of the ingredients in this dog’s food are duck-based (around 82% with another 18% of the remaining ingredients). This is one of the first freeze-dried food item that includes a viable pro-biotic. This chemical component is renowned for improving the digestive and immune systems of a dog.


  • There’s a variety of choices to select from tasty beef, duck, lamb, salmon, and turkey freeze dry dog food flavors.
  • It is offered in 5 and 13 ounce bags.
  • This formula contain at least 80% meat, that is frozen and dried.
  • Organs and bone along with fruits and veggies are also added.
  • It is purely probiotic.
  • This food help food sensitive dogs to digest food better.
  • This is a diet free of wheat, rice and oats helps with relief allergy and weight control.


  • This food is very tasty for dogs.
  • Also it is very easy to serve.
  • It is available for all breeds of dogs.
  • Every dog can consume this dog food for all life stages.


  • Not every dog likes duck in their meal.
  • Not all ingredients are human-grade, some are artificially added too.

7. Grain Free Sweet Potato & Bison Dry Dog Formula

A Limited Ingredient Diet.


You will certainly want to check out this Natural Balance LID dry dog food with a natural dog food choice with very few ingredients. This is a grain-free, minimal, dry food that significantly limits the ingredients your dog consumes. Bison is also a significant protein source for your pet and a rich source of amino acids. This food does not contain artificial colors, or preservatives and can help maintain good digestive health for your pet. This maintains a shiny skin and offers a complete and balanced diet for all adult dogs.


  • This is the very first L.I.D. Limited Ingredient Diets Formula in the market.
  • Bison acts as the main protein source.
  • It is recommended by the vets for all breeds and can be consumed in every life stage of dog.
  • It is truly rich In amino acids.
  • It contains only a fewer calories and less fat compared to other meats.


  • It offers only a limited diet.
  • It includes carbs and high proteins.
  • There is no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives added.
  • This is also a grain-free option.
  • It protects and supports a healthy coat, skin, and digestive health of dog.


  • It is relatively an expensive alternative.
  • It contains canola oil.


The food we give them every day helps to keep our pups safe. You always should be a good parent of your pet and start with exploring the different diets and foods that are available on the market.

If your dog has the right formula, you should keep your pet safe and satisfied by maintaining a balanced diet that he enjoys.

Make sure the choice of your dog food is totally approved by your veterinarian before settling on the finished product so that it meets the specific requirements.

some foods should generally be avoided for all dogs, particularly those containing gluten or animal byproducts. You may not also want ending up buying artificial preservatives and additive added foods. These are only negative rather than healthy.

Why not choose one of the above mentioned dog foods and start your dog’s journey to a healthy mind and body?